GCTS references

Martin Smitshoek
Director Köbo Nederland

In 2009 we were in China for a trade visit. An immense country with such totally different cultures and customs. We were extremely glad that Debby was assisting us during this visit. Along with her capacity as an interpreter/translator, she also provided vital information when it came to the subtle ins and outs of Chinese culture and doing business with the Chinese. Debby had made perfect arrangements in advance of our visit; all the appointments were set up, the appropriate documentation had been taken care of. Appointments set up with the directors of the factories we intended to visit, travel itineraries and the necessary tickets and hotel reservations were all taken care of. Debby took care of all these arrangements in a very professional, time saving manner and for us it turned out to have been a very effective way of doing things. It goes without saying that Debby has extensive knowledge of the Chinese language and culture. When dealing with the Chinese at a business level, the emphasis for them tends to be on a personal level so communication is all important. With Debby´s help this enabled us to strengthen this to a business relationship, experience face to face for ourselves who we were engaging with and also carry out solid quality controls. Besides all the advantages Debby brought to this trade visit, I am convinced her help and knowledge was vital for us in obtaining a fair price against favorable conditions.

Mirjam Lugtmeijer
Director Trendy Trading

Last year we had a problem with a Chinese company which did not comply with our wishes. The Chamber of Commerce put us in touch with Debby and her company GCTS and we decided to ask her to help us. In this connection Debby contacted the person in China directly and in the process, she discovered that we were actually doing business with a trading company instead of a factory. Debby succeeded in investigating the reliability of this company along with the other concerns we had. This cleared up any uncertainties and doubts we had about this matter before we decided to continue doing any business with them. Further to helping us out in The Netherlands, Debby also greatly assisted us with the following matters: quotation requests, price negotiations, making clear appointments with the factories involved and consequently ensuring prompt replies from said companies. (This lead to increased efficiency all round). Along with the fact that Debby is a regular visitor to China, this gives us the extra advantage that she can visit selected factories for us and check them out for reliability before we consider any potential business undertaking in China. In short, GCTS is of great added value to our company.

Doeko Rietema
Director Riecom B.V.

During a meeting of the Groningen Export Club in 2009 we were introduced to Debby from GCTS. We asked her to assist us in returning goods to China as this did not appear to be the straightforward matter as we assumed it would be. The goods had to travel via a number of ports and along the way this caused a lot of hassle with the documentation, stemming mainly from poor internal communication. Fortunately, thanks to Debby´s support and tact in dealing with these particular issues the goods were safely returned. We were very glad of Debby´s assistance in this matter.