• October 26 - 7 November 2010
    Organizing a trade mission to China for Westerkwartier Horse Trading Limited . Before leaving for China, we had already an inquiry through the network of GCTS. 9 horses were sold to China. During the 11 days stay in China, 11 horsemanship clubs in 6 cities are visited. Some of them are very potential buyers in the future. Meanwhile the needed follow-ups have been taken .The first contact will visit Holland soon and we hope that the business will also be carried out. In short, this is a very successful trade mission with enormous potentiality.

  • July 2010 - present
    Doing research for the Foundation Westerwartier Paardenkwartier www.westerkwartierpaardenkwartier.nl concerning the present horse sport and horse industry in China. Getting the information of China Horse Fair 2y010 Beijing such as de exhibitor’s list . Looking for potential partners for the members of the Foundation. For example Chinese horse riding schools , equestrian clubs , breeding farms and horse traders.

  • March 2010
    Outsourcing of industrial tempered glass for Nijholt Balkonsystemen in Heerenveen.

  • February 2010
    Negotiate the price of trail order for Trendy Trading.

  • December 2009 to January 2010
    Outsourcing of modern and outdoor furniture for Trendy Trading. Pay visit to the selected furniture factory in Foshan, China for Trendy Trading. Outsourcing for Compaan Ltd. regarding the production of solar heat pipe collector and pay visit to two factories on behalf of Compaan Ltd. in Wuxi City.

  • November-December 2009
    Outsourcing and sample ordering of solar heat pipe collector for Compaan Co. Ltd. Arrangement the logistic China- Netherlands.

  • October-November 2009
    Advise and assist Trading company Trebla importing 18 ATV's to the Netherlands. Negotiate the price and purchasing term with the factory.

  • September 2009
    outsourcing hoist chains for Köbo Netherlands Co. Ltd in China.

  • August-November 2009
    Outsourcing and coordinating sample making of aluminum case for a Dutch company. Coordinate with the Chinese supplier and logistic agents for Riecom Co. Ltd. regarding a delayed return cargo. Check the credit of several Chinese buyers for Gruno Shipyard Co. Ltd. and Hofland Delta Flex Rubber Technology Co. Ltd.

  • April 2010-present
    Apply Import Permit for Paragon product Ltd. by Ministry of Agriculture and AQSIQ in China.

  • March-May 2009
    Outsourcing and placing order of carbon fiber tubes for a Dutch tent trailer manufacturer. Negotiating the price and delivery time. Take care of logistics process China-Netherlands.

  • April 2009
    Acting as interpreter for Vice Mayor, Mr. J. Dijkstra of city of Groningen during the official meeting with Chinese delegation of Xi'an city. Preparing the inspection trip and accompany Köbo Netherlands Ltd to several factories in China. Sourcing the printing company and basketball cap factory for Köbo and placing the orders by the related factories.

  • March 2009
    Import promotion baseball caps for Katje Welding Ltd.

  • December 2008
    Acting as interpreter during the officials exchange program between municipal government of Groningen and her sister city Tianjin. During their 5 weeks stay in Holland, accompany them visiting several organizations and companies such as EU parliament in Brussels, Water company Groningen, DHV and Paque etc.

  • 26 October -3 November 2008
    Arrange and prepare the business trip to China for Köbo Netherland Ltd. Accompany Köbo Netherland ltd visiting PTC Asia in Shanghai and several factories in China.

  • March-October 2008
    Giving lecture related do's and don’ts in doing business in China to the students of instituut Communication and Media of Hanze University. Coach and advise to the last year students of Hanze University regarding "Company project-China".

  • June-November 2008
    Outsourcing of various transmission products and automatic equipments. Gathering trade fair information and ordering samples of various transmission products from China. Arrange and prepare the business visit to China.

  • 26 May 2008
    Acting as interpreter for Mayor and vice Mayor of city of Groningen during the official meeting with Chinese delegation of Tianjin city.

  • 4 April 2008
    Giving a lecture to the members of Rotary Club in Emmen. Topic : China - a waked yellow dragon.

  • 6-14 November 2007
    In co-operation with the North Netherlands Chamber of Commerce, GCTS organized a trade mission to two important cities in China, namely, Chengdu and Tianjin. This delegation represented 13 successful companies operating in the three northern Dutch provinces (Groningen, Friesland and Drenthe). This event in Chengdu, the capital city of Sichuan Province, was partly financed by the Asia Invest Program of the European Union (www.eupic.org.cn). Aside from the program in Chengdu we also visited Tianjin. The business meeting held with local Chinese companies was organized by The Netherlands Business Support Office (NBSO) in Tianjin. For many of the delegates on this trade mission, this was their first visit to China. As a result, many of them succeeded in furthering their business contacts and a number of contracts between Dutch and Chinese companies have been signed.

  • September 2007
    Research, gathering information, selecting and establishing contact with a number of shipping and logistics companies in China for Wijnne & Barends in Delfzijl. This led to making preparations for the visit to China by representatives of Wijnne & Barends.

  • October 2007
    Information Day hosted by the Hanzesociëteit concerning “Doing Business in China”.

  • May-August 2007
    Outsourcing of various products such as promotion gifts, boat engines and recreational products. Gathering trade fair information and ordering samples of various materials from China for different customers.

  • March-April 2007
    Organization and promotion of a business fair in Emmen. Shortly after this, GCTS organized a successful international Trading Day in Eelde for the China Center of North Netherlands. Setting up appointments and arranging working visits for the senior management of China Center North Netherlands to various Foreign Investment Bureaus in Shanghai and Qingdao. GCTS prepared and managed all travel arrangements during this visit for the management staff.

  • December 2006
    Meeting and networking session in Pacific Plaza Assen. The guest speaker at this event was M. J. Haakma, the former Consulate-General for Guangzhou. Mr. Haakma gave an informative talk on the theme relevant to the meeting which was “Doing Business in China”.

  • June-July 2006
    During China Week Groningen, GCTS hosted the Chinese delegation who came over from Tianjin and Shaanxi. GCTS provided translation and interpretative services during the official dinner with the Board of Groningen City Council.

  • May 2006
    In cooperation with the Far East Trade Center, GCTS put together an orientation trip for PWC Accountants and 18 related companies. The trip entailed visits to Beijing, Shanghai and Nantong. GCTS helped to draw up a business meeting with local Chinese companies with CCPIT in Nantong.

Great China Trading Strategy

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