Our warm blood horses flying from
Westerkwartier to China!
After a conversation with Mr. L. Mulder, owner of HJC. Riding school Westerkwartier, this question emerges: "Are there business opportunities in China in the....
Following an intake appointment GCTS can provide an inventory of the wishes and options of your company requires. Consequent to this, we investigate the possibilities and networks which are of best use to you. Once this has been accomplished, we will present you with a reliable and transparent report.

Based on this report you can then decide if you wish GCTS to proceed with your order. Prior to any further action, we will furnish you with a clear quotation showing all costs as well as the ins and outs concerning the offer. As all clients are different and have different requests concerning the Chinese market, we will specialize in only what your company wants, tailored to what the Chinese, market can offer.

From beginning to end, GCTS will maintain contact with you and keep you up to date each step of the way as the project nears completion. We will also consult with you to discuss and analyse any adjustments which may need to be implemented during the undertaking.
Great China Trading Strategy

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