We provide the following services:

Tailor made market research:
locating potential suitable buyers and sellers market(s) for your product and/or clients which is of course geared to your requirements.

locating and establishing contacts with the potential supplier who can deliver your goods at an attractive price and quality parity.

Assessing and gathering Trade Fair information:
We will keep you up to date on any forthcoming trade fairs, their planning and location as well as the list of participants. We can then organize for you to get in contact with the relevant business partners in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Business Travel Arrangements:
We can arrange appointments and put a business travel plan in place for you. We also cater for reasonable deals on flights, tickets and hotel reservations as well as interpreters and local transport arrangements. As well as this, we can also ensure you obtain the necessary visa and permits for your visit.

Purchasing/Buyer’s Support:
Negotiate price and conditions of payment, assistance in drawing up the purchasing contract (Agreement of Sale). GCTS will also help you to clearly define the details of the product for the Chinese market.

Quality inspection or quality control during production process or before the shipment is an effective way to prevent defects in quality. Reduce the risks and costs and save your energy.

Organizing the logistics process:
Logistics is a separate area of expertise. Whether your goods are FCL or LCL, GCTS can arrange for the best-priced couriers within China and The Netherlands. We can also take care of the consolidation arrangements for you.

Establishing contact through the proper channels:
Don´t forget that doing business in China still goes hand in hand with political authorities. Conforming to the correct official channels is still important in doing business in China.

Organization and Steering incoming and outgoing trade missions:
By participating in a trade mission, this ensures greater access for you to behind the scenes knowledge and an extensive view of how the Chinese business culture operates. This is an ideal opportunity to orientate yourself on the Chinese market and to set up “meet and greet” sessions with potential business partners.

Background checks/verification of your business partner:
Who is your official representative? Are they registered with the local Chamber of Commerce? What´s the current financial situation? Is this firm on the Embassy black list?

“Go to Europe”
assisting and informing Chinese companies who may decide to set up or expand in Europe. Our purpose is to locate agents and buyers/customers in Europe.

Interpreting and Translating:
Our main working languages at GCTS are Chinese, Dutch and English. We provide efficient translations which are important for doing business in China. Translations in Chinese script can promote a positive impression. This would entail business cards, company brochures and a website display.

The do´s and don´ts on how to behave in Chinese business culture, negotiation skills, tactful advocacy and other matters particular to your initial package.

Great China Trading Strategy

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