Visiting Saint George Stable in
Xiamen with Vet in February 2013!
At the request of the customer from Xiamen, together with the Vet Angelique Jongbloets we went to Xiamen in the beginning of February and perform the annual...
Welcome to Great China Trading Strategy (GCTS)
The European entrepreneur´s gateway to doing business in China, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

During recent years, the Chinese market in particular, has enjoyed a booming reputation. Despite the world economic crisis, China´s economic growth for 2009 soared to 9% and her GDP was an astonishing 8,7%.

With a population of 1,3 billion, cheap labour costs and consecutive years of successful economic growth, it is easy to see why China is so attractive to foreign investors. The Chinese government is constantly taking measures to stimulate the economy, renew its manufacturing methods en promote consumerism in all of China. In fact, China is the new land of opportunity.

Economists and financial experts estimate that within the coming 20 years China will be the world´s largest economic power. However, that time estimate is nearer than we think. Investors and business people continue to invest in China as they have been doing for quite a while. However, their experiences so far have taught them that doing business in China is no straightforward matter. Factors such as cultural differences, the language barrier and lack of necessary and established networks (Guanxi) are some of the problems visitors encounter when trying to do business in China.

This is where GCTS can be of help to you. Our team consists of Dutch and Chinese professionals who have access to a broad network in both China and The Netherlands. With considerable commercial experience in both The Netherlands and the Far East, we help our clients to plan their strategies through sound short-term planning to attain feasible objectives.

Flexible and transparent work methods protect the investor from unpleasant surprises along the way and ultimately an unnecessarily high fee.
Great China Trading Strategy

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